What is Digital Design?

What is a Digital design? Digital Design (profession) can be considered a specialization of visual design and within there are several fields, such as web design, digital animation, interaction design, among others.

The digital designer (professional) can act within several sectors, such as advertising or journalism agency, video producer, company specialized in the development of software, mobile applications, games and websites, among others, that is, that app you love has the hand and knowledge of this professional, in addition to the interface of smartphones, computers, tablets and various technologies that already have or will exist.


What is Digital Design

It aims to facilitate communication, understanding and simplify user interaction with what has been developed.


Each element of the project has a specific meaning in the process of spreading the message. For Radfahrer (2008), “Design – especially digital design – serves to create an environment for information and make it consistent. Therefore, each little element has to have a reason. There is no use putting a graphic in each corner of the screen just to ‘be there’. In an ideal situation, all the texts, photos, illustrations and layout happen from the same idea ”.


Digital design seeks the best possible solution according to the limitations of the medium to be published, and can often overcome these challenges and present new proposals, as the virtual environment allows for several possibilities.


The entire process of building the digital product, as in any other design project, needs to involve the three basic reasons why a message is produced: inform, persuade and thrill / stimulate. It is also necessary to use creativity and technique to develop interactive, attractive and effective digital activities.


Finally, digital design is an area that tends to grow and focuses on solving a problem in an aesthetic way, always with emphasis on operating images, texts and other related elements in a creative and friendly way.


As a result, we can see the combination of these items in virtual games, modeling, 2D and 3D projects, animations, applications, websites, smartphone interface, desktop publishing, e-commerce, it’s a list that never ends (lie, it has a order, yes).


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