What is the Role of Graphic Design?

What is the role of graphic design? This happens frequently with me, and for a few days, I have been thinking about my professional career as a graphic designer (which is not the most extensive, but it is already something considerable) and everything that got me here. And wandering in those thoughts, of course I always knew what made me have such professional choices (this is the theme for another article), but I kept wondering about how I contribute / can contribute, in some way, to people, with the evolution of local scene and even the world with my work as a graphic designer.

Summing up this big question, I was actually thinking: What is graphic design really for?

It seems like an unusual question for a professional in the field since 2013, but of course I wasn't looking for answers of my own, such as: creating graphic and web materials, editorial and visual identity projects, or the like. I was looking for something beyond, conclusions "bigger" than these, so shallow and banal.

I decided to sit down to reflect and ended up writing down some topics that will be listed below.


What is the role of graphic design

What would a newspaper or magazine cover be without a clear and efficient layout? This is just a basic and quick example of how diagramming is something important for our daily lives, and this work is done by a graphic design professional. Be it a planner for flyers, leaflets, books, or also a video editor that can transmit, clearly and objectively, information in a digital layout when the use of titles / calls is necessary. Without readability / readability, information is lost.


What is the role of graphic design

I think the example of this image says more than a thousand words. The graphic designer, together with an advertiser, always creates impactful materials when it comes to campaign innovation.


What is the role of graphic design

Designers are extremely visual: they have the ability to see things before they have anything to see. Thanks to the “curious spirit” and the creativity that is so worked on throughout the career, designers are shaped to try to innovate always. And in many projects, they can bring a completely different approach to everything that has been seen in any medium, and through that, they even create new trends.


What is the role of graphic design

Design is: the ability to understand one or more problems, look for innovative alternatives to the subject and test the selected concept, putting it into practice. And in the area of graphic design it is no different. The graphic designer is always looking for problem solving for his clients with new approaches and creative ideas through visual language so that he can create even more value for the companies he serves. Being a graphic designer is not doing what the client wants, but what he needs.


What is the role of graphic design

The value of a brand is its ability to inspire. They grow when they find their purpose. And graphic design is, without a doubt, the right arm of any project that needs to be remarkable so that, working for your brand, it (your brand) can work for your business.

Graphic design can be a great partner to leverage your project. Don’t see it as just a “visual partner”.

Paulo Ferreira

Creative Designer


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