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8 key WordPress plugins to improve your website

WordPress is the ideal tool to build an intuitive and functional website capable of representing your brand. After all, it brings together practicality and a wide community of developers that facilitate the creation of modern and professional websites, adapted to your needs.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system. That is, anyone can use and modify the software for free. This system is the simplest and cheapest alternative to creating your own website or blog.


In practice, WordpPress is the publishing interface for a website, making life easier for those who don’t know anything about programming. In addition, there is a huge community of professionals who develop applications for the system, called plugins. This makes it even easier to add features and tools to a website.


This is one of the most popular platforms in the world, used by most web designers.

What is a plugin?

Plugins are WordPress add-ons that, after being installed and activated, add functionality to your website. Plugins can be found in the official WordPress repository, in other plugin directories or on the websites of the companies that develop them.


The plugins from the official repository are all free and their code goes through a security evaluation. Therefore, when downloading plugins from other locations, make sure the download source is secure. Altered plugins can cause serious security issues on your website.

The Getwid plugin adds dozens of new blocks to the WordPress block editor. Blocks allow you to create content in a variety of formats, such as banners, sliders, tabs, maps, contact forms, and more.

This way, it is possible to create more dynamic and visually rich pages and posts within the WordPress content editor.

Site Kit is the official WordPress plugin to connect your website with various Google traffic and data analysis tools such as Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, PageSpeed Insights, Tag Manager and Optimize.


In this way, you can observe the performance of your content in searches, the most relevant keywords on your site, the most visited pages, visitor profiles, and information on the site’s performance and speed.

Brute force attacks are mass hacking attempts made automatically by malicious programs that seek to correct your login and password based on trial and error.


These programs make many login attempts in a row, causing server slowdowns and overload. These are very common attacks even on small websites. That’s why the Loginizer plugin is important: it limits the number of login attempts followed, preventing the site from crashing or an eventual invasion.


The plugin also offers other cool security features to enhance your website.

WooCommerce turns your website into a complete virtual store. The e-commerce system adds all the features you need to sell online: product catalog, shopping cart, user area, order management, and checkout.


There are also several other add-on plugins to integrate WooCommerce with other services and platforms. Some of them are:


WooCommerce + Postal Integration
Integration WooCommerce + PagSeguro
Other add-ons for WooCommerce

Elementor is a visual website builder. It allows the creation of pages through its own editor. Unlike the standard WordPress block editor, Elementor offers more advanced design options such as positioning controls, grids, effects, animations and other features.


It’s great for creating landing pages.

This plugin allows you to manage various SEO settings on your website. SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the optimization of the website’s content and structure so that it performs better in search results on search engines like Google and Bing.


With Yoast SEO you can configure site metatags, post preview that is generated by social media when a link to your site is shared, XML sitemap and content keyword analysis. Essential for sites where the focus is on publishing content.

Pods allows you to create custom content types. While WordPress pages and posts allow us to create a variety of sites, sometimes they are not ideal for publishing specific content. For example, when creating a portfolio, a “project” is not really a page or a post. We can use the Pods plugin to create the “project” content type and publish the portfolio items in this new content category.


We can also add fields to content types. Example: a “Customer” field for each project. With this it is possible to create different types of content and websites, according to your imagination: recipe sites, real estate listing sites, native plant catalog, professional profile directory, etc.

W3 Total Cache automatically creates and manages your website’s cache. The cache is like a lighter version of the website that is saved on the server so that when a user accesses the website, this lighter version is delivered to them, thus making browsing much faster.


This plugin has a step-by-step configuration that facilitates the process after installation. It also has other features like CSS and JS minification, CDN integration, and granular caching controls.

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