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Yacooba Shared Economy Community for Event Promoters and Traveler

Yacooba creates a new revenue redistribution model for event promoters and travelers around the world. By mixing our blockchain ticketing protocol with one-click-buy travel marketplace, Yacooba generates more revenues for promoters and rewards for audiences.

Yacooba’s platform rethinks traveling. Where locations don’t really matter, but what you’re going to join and experience there does, we offer a real-time travel package builder for event-goers.


Regardless of locations, you are getting the best deals for Event Tickets, Travel, Hotels and extras. Booking a tailored dynamic travel package in minutes, guaranteeing its desirable trip with the best prices and conditions, without loosing focus on your events. Getting Token rewards for joining event communities and staking your tokens for even greater revenues.

We believe Web 3.0 and Blockchain technologies are the future for the Event Ticketing industry. We developed a decentralized event ticket selling protocol that can be transparently used by any event producer, ticketing, traveling or booking companies, in addition to provide incentives for all the actors.

The protocol will live by itself in the public Ethereum network and open to any participant. Through the creation of this protocol, illegal ticket secondary markets with inflated prices and ticket fraud occurrences will be inexistent. By having strong cryptographic guarantees for ticket purchases and sells, and absolute transparency for all participants involved.

We believe DeFi and P2P Lending is the future for the crowdfunding industry for independent event producers worldwide. We are developing pools of investment on top of smart contracts that will empower a new type of crowdfunding and P2P lending strategies, where independent event producers and event-goers can work together and forge innovative partnerships.

Yacooba is building the next generation of shared economy for the event industry, creating a resilient community for all stakeholders, ie, event promoters, attendees, artists and royalty owners and all the service providers within the industry.

The YOOBA token will govern the entire Yacooba space, with specific use cases, which cover rewarding the best participants (clients and suppliers), buying digital goods and services (from NFT’s to travel), voting regarding upcoming changes and other events added to the platform, joining pre-sales of events and also staking and yielding in our DeFi platform.



AntiFraud Ticketing

Our Token ticketing system is totally anti-fraud, from the moment tickets are sold to the offline / online check-in and validation services at venue locations. The ticket issuer has 100% control of the ticketing business model workflow.

Revenues from tokenized services

Our technology embeds new layers of tokenized services and goods to generate more revenues for all. V1.0 starts with travel services.

New loyalty tools for fans

Event promoters can raise new revenues from used tickets, adding more digital content and creating tailored strategies to push loyalty schemes and sales from the fans.

DeFi & P2P lending

The community will use an advanced DeFi platform for their favorite events, creating a shared economy ecosystem.



Mauricio Marques, Yacooba’s founder is an event promoter and festival producer in Portugal for 20 years.


Yacooba’s team of software engineers unites full stack professionals and blockchain specialists developing the best tools.


Yacooba is also creating an international list of event curators and professionals to select the best independent events worldwide.


Fintech professionals are represented at Yacooba’s team creating the best financial solutions for event promoters.


We’re gathering the real disruptors of travel experience to rethink the tourism industry for Event Travelers.


Yacooba will create a new generation NFT Marketplace with proof-of Intelectual Property to protect artists and creators.

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