tedx funchal 2022

Have you ever felt dissatisfied with the way you live? With the way the world is organized? With the predictions that appear on the various social networks? Have you ever wanted to board, catch a plane or a time machine that would take you far away from all the confusion?


The sad reality is that, when we travel, we end up having to go back, to go back to where we started from… And after a while, despite the initial motivation and energy, everything comes back to the same. That’s not what we want…! If it is true that history is cyclical, we do not need to repeat it again! We want to get out of this spiral in which we find ourselves, of this futurology that is so often more apocalyptic than a sign of hope! The time in which we live is the opportunity par excellence to bring about a New World.


Creation of Visual Identity forTEDx Funchal - Novos Mundos - 5th Edtion 2022


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